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The New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the people and processes of the criminal justice system in New Orleans. The foundation’s mission is to make New Orleans a safer place in which to live, work and visit. The NOPJF strives to accomplish this by promoting excellence in policing, efficiency in criminal justice and positive community engagement.



In 2017, Bond Moroch chose to represent the New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation (NOPJF) as its annual pro-bono client. NOPJF had the ultimate goal of fundraising, but a more immediate goal of an overall awareness campaign. Many citizens do not know the foundation exists, or about their many programs which assist New Orleans Police with many needs including tuition assistance, new uniforms, or veterinary assistance for police animals. The attention of the awareness campaign would focus on broadcast and print media hits, in addition to social influencer sharing.

Every year, NOPJF hosts the annual "Adopt-A-Cop" fundraiser during Mardi Gras to assist police working double and triple shifts with food, snacks and refreshments. We reached out to several local companies to host refreshment stations for police, donate food and snacks, and hosted many media segments to raise donations.

​In addition to the annual Mardi Gras fundraiser, Bond Moroch decided to throw a friends-raising event for NOPJF called "Brews for Blues." The client wanted to face a younger audience and potentially gain new future donors. We invited several of the local media and bloggers, as well as had live music and unlimited beer on tap from NOLA Brewing. Leading up to the event, three of New Orleans' news stations previewed the event with live interviews and segments of the band that would be playing. 



With the overall goal being awareness, the mission of NOPJF was spread throughout the Greater New Orleans Area and well-perceived by all. Media mentions were doubled from past years and yielding a good public response.


NOPJF also had two successful spring fundraisers. NOPJF surpassed their fundraising goals for Adopt-A-Cop and had it's most successful year yet. 

Over 100 people were in attendance for Brews or Blues including a live segment on a major local news station. The event was also featured in two print newspapers and multiple bloggers shared the event on their social medias. Through combined print and digital media, NOPJF and "Brews for Blues" surpassed goals, and reached over 300,000 viewers.

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