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Rebecca is a military-brat turned digital-guru. She attended The University of Louisiana at Lafayette for two years before transferring to Loyola University New Orleans, where she graduated with a major in public relations and a minor in political science. Through many years of freelance creative projects and on-site jobs, her love for always learning and improving, and her natural talent of being able to talk to just about anyone, Rebecca was quick to grow both the network and skill set needed to thrive in the world of modern media. Press relations, online community building, influencer marketing, campaign development and content creation have become her strongest of many more proven skills. Rebecca has worked on projects and with clients from a variety of industries including music, fashion, film, hospitality, healthcare and public figures. Although her interests are wide and her hands often in many cookie jars, she has one overall passion: growing and evolving digital presences and brand awareness. 

Along with her passion for creative strategy, Rebecca has always valued accessibility to both healthcare and education. She hopes to use her knowledge and experience to help further organizations dedicated to these values and to help those closest to her achieve their goals.

Rebecca is the mother of Casper, one very friendly Boston Terrier, and an aunt to three way-too-sassy nieces. In her free time, she enjoys learning new creative mediums, drinking whiskey with friends, traveling, indulging in live music and living life by the motto “some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”

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