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In New Orleans and around the world, Gambino's Bakery is a household tradition that offers over sixty five years of experience with delicious baked goods. Every holiday and celebration can be unique when you choose from our long list of cakes, breads and other baked goods. Whether you order online or you come in to one of our many stores, you'll receive a product that was made just for you from scratch using only high quality ingredients.



Gambino's Bakery, most known for the original doberge and royal-worthy king cakes, has been in business for over 70 years. After several years of purely brick and mortar, sales were expanded to online with year-round availability and worldwide shipping


Gambino's Bakery had two goals:


1) Increase following and engagement on Facebook and Instagram.


2) Increase year-round king cake sales, specifically for shipping outside of New Orleans. 

1) The most common feedback on Gambino's social media was based on the quality of content. We decided to schedule bi-weekly content shoots that would consist of current holiday themed treats and the available birthday cakes. These were posted 3x per week on the main social media feeds and stories. We also increased the number of user-based content photos that were being reposted and placed signs in store asking to tag the bakery on socials.


2) Gambino's Bakery ships their king cakes with the icing and sprinkles on the side, for the purpose of having the best quality shipping. Many customers found joy in decorating their own king cakes but unfortunately customers felt as if the cakes should come completely ready to eat. To increase favorability for Gambino's shipping stye, we developed and influencer campaign. We sent king cakes to influencers around the US with a 'party kit' consisting of beads Mardi Gras feather boas, beads, and doubloons. We asked influencers to use the props and share what fun it can be to come together with friends or family to decorate the Gambino's king cake.


1) In only 10 months, Gambino's Instagram following went from 1,200 with a 1% engagement rate to 10k followers with 5% engagement rate. 

2) ​Combined, the influencers had a over potential reach of over 750k followers. In the two month campaign period, Gambino's following increase by 1k. When comparing revenue from the fiscal quarter of the campaign to the year prior's, sales for king cakes being shipped increased by 12%.

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