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 You work all day, pay bills, eat salads and do all that other grown-up stuff; your “fun” shouldn’t be limited to trendy bars with long lines, dress codes and drinks you can’t pronounce.  Inner child, meet Barcadia…’50’s pin-up girls on the walls, The Cure playing in the background, jenga made out of 2x4’s on the patio, and an entire wall of ‘80s arcade games for a quarter.  Oh wait...skeeball machines, 5 foot tall connect 4, air-hockey, pop-a-shot, aaaaaand lest we forget....44 craft beers on tap.  Our waitstaff is as friendly as pecan-pie, and check out our face-melting / award winning Curbside gourmet burgers.  Only thing missing is a nap-time towel...because you may not want to leave here.



For Christmas 2019, Barcadia New Orleans partnered with Carl Mack Presents to create a winter wonderland within the warehouse district hot-spot. The event was so successful and loved by visitors, the duo was right back at it for Mardi Gras bringing the parade indoor to the bar. Rare parade throws were hung from the ceiling, the drink menu was reinvented, and the staff prepared for parade-watchers. The goal of the new Mardi Gras pop-up was to draw in new visitors to experience New Orleans Mardi Gras from Barcadia's perspective (and patio on the day of parades).

Mardi Gras at Barcadia had the bottom-line goal of getting people in the door. We decided the best way to draw new visitors in was through press and social media influencers. We did this in four ways:

  • Promoted the pop-up on all Barcadia social media platforms.

  • Secured earned media with local news outlets and bloggers.

  • Executed food and bar tab giveaways through food-and-beverage-focused social media influencers.

  • Invited social media influencers to visit and share their experience on their platforms.


The Mardi Gras pop-up was a huge success with a massive digital presence.

  • The pop-up was shared by over 15 local social media influencers with a combined reach of over 500K followers.

  • Garnered 10 media hits, with 3 local features and 7 on-air mentions.

  • Barcadia was tagged in over 300 photos and stories by social media users in a 2-week span.

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